What are Transformational Outcomes in a City?

1 August 2018

Are we playing catch-up on a story that God has already been telling?

Many of us have asked what a transformed city can look like yet there are stories popping up all around us. However, to bridge the gap between these pockets of transformation to an entire city can be challenging. Below, Gerard Kelly shared a short vision inspiring piece at Movement Day UK in 2017 on what he sees a transformed city can look like.

I See A New City

I see a new city, poured out from Heaven Dressed for a party; blazing with beauty Her rooftops are radiant, trees trembling with laughter And joy like a jewel shines in her streets.

From her walls and windows No weeping is heard Through her gateways and gutters Floods of tears do not flow For in her homes and houses no pain dwells Bricks once broken down in mourning Rise again in song and celebration Stones thrown down by enmity and envy Dare to dance in swirling swathes of mercy

She sings: a million voices rising The long-lost languages of human hopes The secret praise of human hearts, released at last Because her God is with her Because his home is made Within her walls Because his voice is heard Gentle like the rains of spring Declaring: New! New! New!

This is the city I see The future I belong to This is the blueprint my heart holds on to Even now, in streets that sing another story Even here, beneath a darker vision’s shadow This metropolis of mercy Promising future realisation Active now in Love’s imagination This is my dream And though I wait, and though I long And though the sacred city may seem slow: Still I will hope Still I will pray Still I will today Rise up and build.

By Gerard Kelly

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