The Next Step

8 December 2020

The Next Step

A MOVEMENT DAY ROUND TABLE is about accelerating the effectiveness of the GOSPEL in your city/town.

A GOSPEL MOVEMENT in a town or city is evidenced by:

  1. Christianity is growing faster than the general population.

  2. Progress in the meeting of the social needs (Healing the pain);

  3. Christians in places of cultural influence.


The whole church

with the whole gospel

for the whole city/town.


Start where you are with who you have.

Develop a small leadership team with interested pastors, market place leaders, NFP leaders and key interested people, if possible representing gender, ethnic, age and vocational diversity.


Plan a short (around 2 hours), simple, program.

  1. Begin by casting a simple biblical vision of Jesus coming with good news (word and deed)for the community.

  2. Celebrate current gospel initiatives (short stories).

  3. Know your city/town with a hand out Fact Sheet of statistics including stats on pain points e.g. crime, domestic violence, foster children, etc.

  4. Have the mayor and/or a business leader give a short talk on their vision/love for the community.

  5. Conclude with a discussion on developing focused strategies to further the existing Gospel initiatives and then discuss what new initiatives need to be developed for the city/town, especially in the meeting of needs.

  6. The core leadership team meet to process, plan momentum and release people into the city.

Suggestion: Place several short testimonies throughout the program from people who have experience with current issues of pain in the community.

Some factors to consider:

1. Relational unity reflecting diversity.

2. Love for the community.

3. Prayer and biblical vision.

4. Research to understand the city and its needs.

5. Civic engagement. Partnerships with government, NFP’s etc.

6. Focused strategies.

7. Clear leadership group

8. Releasing people into gospel initiatives.

The MOVEMENT team can assist you.


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    A MOVEMENT DAY ROUND TABLE is about accelerating the effectiveness of the GOSPEL in your city/town.

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